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  • Puddleblog

    One of the strangest blogs I’ve read about in a while (or ever), is Puddleblog, a blog that documents a constant puddle in Brooklyn. The only description is provided at the top of the blog:

    “You know, that puddle should have its own blog.”

    Interesting. And I’m pretty sure it proves the point that you can blog about anything.

    (via kottke)

  • Poop for peace…

    April 18 is Poop For Peace Day. No joke.

    The east hates the west. The Christians hate the Muslims. The liberals hate the conservatives. The Sunnis hate the Shiites. All across the globe, the chasm dividing humanity is ever deeper. In all the world’s wars against terror, the distinction of who is perpetrating which depends on what side you ask — so divided are we as a species that we can’t even agree why we’re killing each other.

    For there to be peace, there must be understanding. For there to be understanding, there must be a common ground. But the further the chasm deepens, the more fundamental to basic human nature the common ground has to be.

    And so April 18 is Poop For Peace Day.

    In related news, Deron Bauman over at kottke.org offered up this little diddy on the politics of poop.

  • People who are angry all the time

    Have you ever seen those people or know those people who you just look at and think…….bitch but they walk around like their Mike Tyson in his prime when he used to beat the crap out of people in 29 seconds.  I’m not saying I’m Billy the Badass but I just want to rock these people in the face to see if they are as advertised by themselves. They just look angry all the time. Why are you so angry? Are you tough just because you’re mad at the world? Get over it. Do something about it besides blame it on everything but yourself. Most of the time it’s those people who got their lunch money stolen by somebody but nobody really knows them where they’re at so they act tough to overcompensate for their lack of bulge in the pants. I’m angry at times but I’m not walking around like if someone looks at me I’m going to run over them with a car, shank them with a blade, or hit them with a Louisville Slugger. I understand people have bad days and I’m not talking about those people. They happen. I’m talking about people who are never happy. If you think this blog is insensative then you’re a hippie and you need to go hump a tree or whatever.

  • You know what? I don’t know any gay guys named Bob. In fact, I don’t think there are any gay guys named Bob. What’s up with that?

  • Have you ever noticed..

    Lately, I’ve seen quite a few women who I’m pretty sure were supposed to be pretty. I mean, when they were set for creation, they were stamped “hot girl.” So they’re on some conveyor belt being put together somewhere; first, they get the great legs - long, slender, toned; then they get a great caboose - nice curve, some but not too much; and finally, they are endowed with a great chest. And then they get to the end of the conveyor belt, and inexplicably some one fubars the head. It’s a hot girl from the neck down, and then, well, it’s just fugly. What’s up with that?

    Just something to think about.


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