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  • Photographing the Queen

    If you have about 8 minutes, this is a strangely alluring article and video of Annie Leibovitz photographing the Queen of England.

    The whole video is intriguing, but the most interesting part is right at the end of the clip, where the spokesperson for the Queen is asked if the Queen liked the pictures. Her reply is that the Queen simply “approves the release” of the portraits. “She doesn’t express her views, she simply takes understandably close interest” in the photos that are taken of her. Interesting.

    Another interesting tidbit:

    Annie really shows her tenacity in this video when she immediately tries to get the Queen to remove her crown after deciding it doesn’t look good in the first shot and not giving up on an original request request to shoot the Queen on horseback inside the state apartments. She brings it up at the end of the shoot as the picture she’d really like to take, laying the groundwork for next time.



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