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  • Being “Plan B”

    Speaking of the Braves losing the season opener, it’s been a while since I’ve had a real rant on here.  Actually it’s been a while since I’ve had anything on here.  I’m working on that.  So, I’m wondering if there is anyone else out there who knows what it feels like to be “Plan B,” or “C,” etc.  Let me explain what I mean.

    Let us say that I have a friend, and we both have the same night off from work, and I would really like to see this person.  So, as is normal, let us say I call/text/email the person asking “What are you up to later tonight?”  For this example, let us say the answer I get is “I dunno, I really don’t have anything planned.”  So, of course, I would ask the person (in this case female) if she would like to do something, anything.  Here is where it gets sucky.  The response that really makes no sense to me goes like this:  “Well, let me see what is going on first.” 

    Didn’t she just say she had no plans?  So then why can’t MY plans be “what is going on first?”  It’s like she is holding out for a better offer or something.  Wow, am I that bad?  So, I have now become “Plan B.”  So does anyone know what I mean now?

    It’s like being someone’s last resort.  Whoever it is might as well say “Well, if I have absolutely nothing to do, I guess I’ll settle on hanging out with you.”  There’s nothing like being someone’s final, desperate option.  I’d rather be lied to than given the run-around.

    Well, that’s it.  Short and sweet, just like Captain’s rooster.

     Thank you.  Good night, and good evening.

  • Two beers

    What up peeps? I’m going to be serious for a minute then we’ll get to the stuff you really want to read. I’ve lost two of my best friends in the last couple of months but it wasn’t anything due to death. It’s because they don’t agree with how I am or got into stuff and feel uncomfortable talking to me. That sucks. Thank God I’ve made some friends that are ok with me and feel comfortable enough with themselves. This is for the ladies. If you find a nice guy. Don’t fuck it up. You deserve the jerk that treats you like shit if you keep going to them instead of the guy who would treat you well. I have no sympathy for you. Don’t cry to me. I went to Bourbon’s school of caring and he showed me the way. All I have to offer to people now is the middle finger. Now let me talk about some other stuff.  First I’m still tired of male enhancement commercials. I like all the inuendo’s. See a big difference. Really………..I’m sorry you can’t get a hard……yeah no I’m not. If you’re a hot woman and your man can’t get it up get in touch with me.  I want to talk about Asian’s in America. I thought you were supposed to be smart. Quit sending all the dumb ones here. We’ve got enough retards . We had people get a ping-pong table and half the time they were talking in Chinese to each other instead of believing what we say. I don’t speak the language but I’m sure they were saying these stupid American’s don’t know what they’re talking about. America………can you say it? Speakie American in America. Stupid bastards. You’re dumb and no wonder they sent you over here. In China they’d beat your ass.  On my way home I heard some Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”. I don’t know what they’re talking about but if it’s people then count me out. I don’t trust hardly anyone and recently I’ve been shown more reason why than ever. Fuck you. I hope it comes back to yout stupid asses. This isn’t even funny. I’m just pissed. I’m done. Maybe funny will come back later. I’m not even going to end it with my normal stuff because this sucks. Later bitches.


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