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  • Yeah

    Word up people. I have a few things to talk about today. I got my taxes done today and it was good. I get more money than I thought I would back. I saw one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen (no I didn’t get her number or even try because I’m a total pussy) . A few things that bothered me about it. These are volunteers and you have to wait your turn. That’s fine it’s free and I get that. But to the lady that tried to bribe the lady who announced who would be next f off. Your ass should have gotten there earlier. I hate people that expect things to happen because of whatever reason. If you have the money to bribe then you should go to H & R Block ho. Word up to the lady that was like “uhhhh no” you have to wait like everyone else. Denied bitch. Second after the person was done with you they had a 90 year old guy (I think he had the first New York Knicks jacket ever made. It was awesome) check to see if they did it right. Talk about kind of scary. My roomate volunteers at this place and he said old guy was the smartest one there so I’m satisfied. I was driving home from the tax place and was about to turn into the next lane and some guy starts speeding up then whips into the lane I was just in because he was in a hurry. As he was driving by I decide to show him my middle finger because he was being a douche bag. He looks over at me and see’s me flipping him off and he laughs. I like people like this who don’t take themselves seriously and realize he was being kind of a dildo. Just saw a creepy Burger King commercial where this bed starts talking to this guy because he’s about to get some cheesy tator tots or something. Very disturbing. If you see it coming on turn the channel. Speaking of commercials I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t disapointed at the Super Bowl commercials. Step it up. If you’re a male and haven’t seen Tombstone then you’re gay, communist, or a fucktard. End of story. There’s no way around it. April 8 is when P.O.D.’s new album comes out. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. Last thing I want to talk about is the blog Tom Collins put up about 50 best blogs or whatever. I hope one day fourwrongs is on there but this statement speaks directly towards me and I might be the downfall of that opportunity to happen. Here’s the quote about a blogger they like  ”particularly since the blog’s voice is literate, sober and inquiring, unlike much of the red-faced ranting found elsewhere online” That’s pretty much the opposite of what I do except for the “red-faced ranting found elsewhere online” . Oh well. West west yo.

  • Bad drivers…

    Nothing bothers me quite like the dumb masses of people who simply do not know how to drive.  I’m sure this topic will come up often on this site.  I’ve got to start somewhere, I guess.  I really really really really hate all the people out there who think they have to go 10 mph UNDER the speed limit when they see a police officer.  I mean, what are they thinking?  Do they think the cop is going to pull them over for going the speed limit, so they just have to go under it?  This actually happened the other day on my way home from work.  First of all, I was following a cop around a cloverleaf onto the highway, and he decides he is going to merge on going 55 mph, which is 10 mph under the limit.  This is another pet peeve of mine which I’m sure I will discuss at a later time.  Back to the point, I go around the cop, set my cruise control for 70, and proceed.  The cop gets in the next lane, but stays close, actually passing me and then falling behind, over and over again.  This also annoys me.  For an officer of the law, he sure does not know how to drive properly.  Anyway, as we proceed down the highway, any one we come within close proximity to does what I mentioned before:�� they immediately slam on their brakes and slow down to 60 or 55.  WHY!?!?!?!   I’m sure even the most DB cops have better things to do than pull over someone for going 5 over.  This is obvious because I made it home ticketless.  So why feel the need to go UNDER the speed limit?  I guess all I can do is complain, although it will not get anything done.

    Thank you.  Good night, and good evening.

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