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  • Novelists strike fails to affect nation whatsoever…

    The strike kicked off last fall when the NGA announced it had hit a roadblock in negotiations with the Alliance of Printed Fiction and Literature Producers, failing to resolve certain key issues concerning online distribution, digital media rights, and readers just not getting what writers were trying to do with a number of important allegorical devices.

  • Cory Doctorow gives away 200 free copies of his new book

    Cory Doctorow, who blogs over at Boing Boing, and who is an accomplished author, is releasing a new book in six weeks called “Little Brother.” The book is intended for young adults, and is about “freedom, surveillance, and how technology can be used to free you or lock you up.”

    He and his publisher have come up with what could turn out to be a genius idea for publicity among high school students.

    Since this book is intended for high-school-age kids, my publisher has agreed to send 200 advance review copies of the book to school newspaper reviewers, along with the same press-kit that gets sent to “real” papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post (actually, the school kit has even more stuff — it also includes a signed personal letter explaining why I wrote this book and why I hope kids will read it).

    I’m hope he blogs later to tell us how the idea worked out. I’ll keep you updated.

    Read the full story here.

  • Adult Choose-You’re-Own-Adventures.


    The four wrongs and I were sitting at IHOP just the other day talking about those 70s/80s “Choose You’re Own Adventures” books. They were the best, right? Well Sean Regan is thinking about writing some new and updated ones, only for Adults. Here’s to hoping he actually does it.

    Recently I was thinking about writing a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) book, trying to achieve an effect for a more mature audience. That project is still bubbling on the back burner. In the planning process, however, I decided to analyze my favorite CYOA book from my childhood to see what its structure was like. This graph is the result [the graph is pictured above]. If you can’t view it clearly, you should be able to right-click to view it at full scale.

    See Sean’s page here.

  • Pornography…

    Found this week in the National Review:

    New Republic contributor Debbie Nathan offers the following career update on her blog: “I’m presenting my new book Pornography. It was published late last year by Groundwood, a Canadian children’s press.” Children’s press?

    See the book here.


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