So I want to talk about a few things tonight. I know I haven’t been on here in a long time and chances are you haven’t noticed because nobody gets on this site anymore. Let me talk about alcohol real quick. I’m so tired of people using alcohol to do something they wanted to do in the first place or use the excuse that they are young. All alcohol does is intensifies the feelings you have but wouldn’t normally do because you can use the excuse…….I was wasted. That’s one reason I don’t go to bars. Everyone flirts or cheats or whatever and then act like if it wasn’t for the alcohol they wouldn’t have done it. That’s true in a way but alcohol brings out your true feelings. Don’t give me that shit. I’m tired of it. Would you do that if your significant other was there? If you would you’re an ass and your significant other is stupid for being with your bitch ass. I had a friend tell me a story about a friend of his that was in a wreck because some 15 year old got drunk and went on a joy ride and hit them. First of all you shouldn’t be driving anyway. Second you were drunk. He didn’t want them to call the police because he didn’t want to get in trouble. Fuck that. Put his ass in jail so he learns his lesson before he kills someone doing that. He could have really hurt them or someone else.  Just because he was stupid other people are in danger. I hope his parents beat his ass. Yeah I said it. I’m also pissed parents don’t beat their kids anymore. I’m not talking about child abuse but whip their butt so they understand. At work I don’t know how many parents just let their kids scream for 30 minutes. Not only is it annoying but that kid will be in therapy in 20 years and most likely be a worthless adult. Now lets get to the “I’m young excuse”. It doesn’t work. When you’re about 12 you should be able to make decisions that are right and wrong with no trouble. If your 15 and you kill someone (I know that’s an extreme but work with me) and he says I’m young…..will that be ok with you. Wrong is wrong. You’re telling me it’s okay that you got drunk last night and did something stupid because your young……..wrong is wrong. Quit using those stupid ass excuses and own up to what you do. Quit blaming everything on everyone but yourself. You do some cocaine and kill someone don’t blame it on the dealer or the person you killed for pissing you off. So f’n sick of it. Another thing pissing me off is how casual people have become about things. I mean in everything. Have some respect for people and yourself. I’m not saying everything is a big deal but there are some serious things that people act like it’s just not a problem. A lot of people don’t understand why I’m anti-social but there is more than one reason and I’ll give you a few. One I’ve lost my faith and trust in people and see how true colors come out in certain situations. Two is because I get annoyed easy and finally I really don’t like much. I was watching the movie Road House the other day and there is a part in the movie that may be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Patrick Swayze is getting beat up by a few guys and Sam Elliot comes out and this big guy says to him “You want to fight old man” to which Sam f’n Elliot says “I’m not here to show you my dick” How awesome is Sam Elliot. One of the coolest voices ever. West west yo.

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