Way to jump on the band wagon once there is a black candidate. Why didn’t you care before? if this the first candidate that cared about you? How many black people just now registered because of this? That’s what I want to know. Shaq did a freestyle talking shit about Kobe. It’s pretty funny. I like how the day after the Celtics won the championship nobody knew because Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open on a torn ACL. Oh yeah he hurt it a year ago. Fuck you Boston. We care about one guy more than your whole stupid city. Let me also say this. Tiger………you can suck a cock. You’re the reason golf is so expensive now.  i had fun hanging out with John, Tom, and Bourbon. They played some soccer and then shot some hoops with me. I’m tired of blogging. West west yo.

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hey black people……some not all

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