Apparently some people didn’t listen and work was busy as fuck. Way to be idiots and come shop instead of enjoying your day off or relaxing at the lake or around the pool with family or doing what this day is about and honoring the soldiers. Let me tell you something. Even if you don’t like the President or what he stands for don’t be a hippie and support the troops. What the hell do you need a treadmill for on this day? It couldn’t wait? Maybe you have no family or friends and in that case you’re still a f’n loser and people hate you. Is your confidence shot yet?Let me tell you also then that the only person who likes you is well……….nobody you loser. I think we’re under a tornado watch right now. That kind of freaks me out. I’m not a big fan of natural disasters. Thanks to all the soldiers who fight for our freedom and those who died to keep it. West west yo.

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