Watching Karate Kid…………..fantastic. Couple of things I want to talk about. One is that I don’t think Chuck Norris could take Mr. Miyagi but nobody fucks with a lion or Bruce Lee. The special effects on this movie are freaking amazing (not really but who cares). Wesley Snipes is going to jail for tax evasion and he said it was because he was black. Hey I’ve got an idea maybe it’s because you didn’t pay your taxes. I’m just saying. I think HG TV and TLC should be banned from TV because it gives every woman in the world the idea that they can improve their house or yard and then end up having the men do all the work. Just because you watch the show doesn’t mean you’ll do a good job and your creative all of a sudden. There is a reason that they get paid money to do it because they can and they make you believe it’s easy and you can too when in reality you suck balls. Two cartoon chicks I would totally bang are Jessica Rabbit and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. West west yo.

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Daniel Son

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