People piss me off. They can’t keep their mouth shut and ruin shit because they open that thing they suck cock with. Stick to sucking dick you bitch ass fags. The black Laurel and Hardy of fags came into work today and asked me where the sleeping bags were. Here’s how it went. One tall skinny guy and one short and fat one came in and the skinny one said “Scuse me” Yeah that’s right……….scuse not excuse. I looked over and said “Yeah”. He says can you tells me where the sleeping bags is in a gay voice. His gay lover pipes in with……………mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. What the fuck? He must be the woman of the relationship because they are always the ones piping in with suggestions when their husbands or whatever are on the phone. I guess that’s the ebonics way of saying “we wants to know where they are” So I tell them and he says “we thanks you” Really? I don’t get it. All I thought was is this Brokeback Mountain and f’n sick. Dicks are for chicks. One of the managers walked by John and I and Mr. Daniels said something to him about how I’m a nice guy and he just keeps on walking by without blinking or even acknowledging us. Guess what…………..fuck you bitch. I’m glad you at least feel a third as much of hate that I have for you towards me. I hope you get fired and are jobless for 6 months. Bitch. One more thing I need to rage about before I go is people not from America originally who come here and think their opinion matters and say how bad it is yet they make all their money from Americans and live here. So they think it’s important that we listen to them. Fuck off and go back to Canada or wherever. I bet you would be broke if you just sold your albums there or wherever it might be your from. Fuck hippies. West west yo.



Tom Collins added these pithy words on Apr 20 08 at 1:28 pm

Yeah…….I’m angry I guess.

captain added these pithy words on Apr 20 08 at 10:02 pm

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