The baddest man in the the whole damn town. Meaner than a junkyard dawg, bigger than old King Kong. Nice. Heard it tonight and I want to be Leroy Brown’s friend. A couple of things tonight. It was awesome the other day at work when Jean Claude Van Douche (all 6 ft 2 in of him with ponytail) was doing a full working out on the heavy bags. I walk by and he goes “where’s the Thai gloves”. In Thailand dumb ass. Really do you think that you’re a bad ass looking like him? Fucking crazy. I’ve also had issues at work with this old guy who is stubborn and gay as far as I’m concerned. He comes in one day asking about basketball goals and I explain what he needs to know. He ask if a portable goal has a drain and I tell him where it is and he insist there is another one. So I ask the team leader and he tells me the same thing I tell him. Then he ask me to get on the rack and check and I tell him no. Then he ask if he can i tell him no. The next day he calls and ask some more questions to which I tell him the same thing. A few days later I’m walking by the basketballs and he’s on the f’n rack. I yelled at him to get the hell off and he jumps down and tells me there is a drain. I said great now you know. He starts talking shit about how he told me there had to be one and I tell him I’m happy for him. So he wants the goal and we’re out and won’t be getting anymore in for a while. So hopefully I won’t have to deal with his 80 year old douchebag ass anymore. I really can say I hate that guy and wish he would have fallen off the rack and all the goals fell on him. What’s that? That’s mean. Fuck him. Have you ever felt alone and even when you’re around people and they try to include you it still feels like that? Nothing you do seems to help and it’s hard to deal with. Get help you depressed bastard or jump off a bridge. I’m kidding………kind of. I’ll have more stories later but I got a movie to watch and you’re distracting me. West west yo.

P.S. Hippies are stupid and have sex with trees.

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Bad Leroy Brown

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