Guess who is back in the motherf’n house with a fat rant for your motherf’n mouth. Not the real lyrics but you get the idea. First thing I want to talk about is customers at the job I work at. Yes I ended that sentence with a preposition. First yesterday two dudes that were gay came in and bought a treadmill. Then tried fitting it in a Honda car. Yeah not so much. Then I told the guy he had to return the treadmill or come right back because we can’t hold it for them and he gets attitude with me and says…………I wouldn’t expect you to (pretty sure he’s the catcher in the relationship. Word up to John for that one.)  and then I say hey you don’t have to give me f’n attitude and walked off like I had big man parts because I told a fag off. Yes I’m huge. Second we close at 7 p.m. on Sundays and there was a guy strolling with his kid up and down not concerned we were closed. I get fed up and tell him the registar is about to close. He says what in 40 minutes. I tell him no in 2. He says…….what time do you close? I tell him 7 and he says it’s 6:20 to where I tell him it’s 7:20 and he gets red faced and realizes he forgot to set his clock a flippin week ago. Were you late all week to work buddy? F’n loser. By the way thanks to John Daniels for letting me know that night to move my clock foward or I might have been late to work for a week. I’ve been trying to be calm and not get mad about stuff lately but I had to get some rage out tonight. So I’ll end it with fuck, damn, douche, ass, bastard and a west west yo.


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