Have one of those days where nothing goes right? I had one of those days yesterday. One of those times when as soon as you wake up you realize you don’t have coffee (or the kind you don’t really want) or drugs or whatever. You get your coffee made (that was the only kind you had which you don’t like very much) and you sit down to read the newspaper and spill it on your bare legs and the paper when it’s 200 degrees. So you burn your legs and can’t even read the articles. Example for drug addicts. You wake up and don’t have any stuff so you have to jack some shit then don’t get the price you want for it at the pawn shop and after you purchase the drugs you get pulled over and arrested without even getting high. Then you have to go to prison and live in fear of getting butt lovin and being someone’s bitch.  Speaking of bitches I know Michael Jackson has made several boys his bitch allegedly but his older music is so good. I’m listening to Smooth Criminal. If you like that song then you need to also check out Alien Ant Farm’s version which is also good. More useless information for you if you didn’t know Eddie Van Halen is playing the guitar on Beat It. Insert sexual innuendo’s here. Who doesn’t when they hear someone talking about this song? I thought of several and even laughed when I’m the only one around. No you’re a douchebag and I’ll add hippie for those who are thinking that about me right now. I was informed that our program has spellcheck so I’ll do that for all those who get annoyed with spelling that is not correct. I won’t worry about proper English though.  I was talking to a friend earlier about a part in the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky which nobody seems to like but me. I’ll give you as brief of an account as I can. So Little Nicky (Adam Sandler) needs his friends to kill him so he can go back to hell to see his Dad who is the devil. So these two metal-heads say they want to do it and they grab his head and slam it hard against the counter. They ask the few people that are there is he dead and Adam Sandler says……No that just really fucking hurt. Classic. Underrated movie in my book. I miss Chris Farley. He was so funny but was really troubled. Why are some of the most talented people troubled? It doesn’t seem fair at times. You need to watch Grandma’s Boy if you haven’t. It’s such a funny movie but hardly anyone has seen it. I have a lot of references in my blogs so you might not get it. I’m acting like a ton of people read these but I can dream right? Hey dildo from the other night……did you change your watch yet? Bitch. West west yo.


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