I was reminded recently of why I like George W. Bush. I was sitting at work, listening to This American Life – an old episode, from 2000. They were talking about the primaries and following around each of the candidates. At one point, a reporter is following Bush around, and she asks him about reading the Bible. She asks if there is anything special he’s reading right now that helps him. Bush replies that in fact he is reading the Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 right now.

She asks him to show her the passage. He lightheartedly jokes and asks if it’s a test, and she replies that she’s never read it, so she couldn’t possibly test him. He follows with, “You’ve never read the Bible?” She says no.

It is at this point that, for whatever reason, I started listening closely. And at this point that I was reminded why I like him so much. His reply to her “no” was quick and without hesitation. He simply said, “well that’s okay” in a cheery voice. He didn’t say something condescending like, “you know, you should read it.” He didn’t ask her why she hadn’t. He just accepted it. He didn’t make her feel left out because she hadn’t read it.

I like that about him. He doesn’t encroach on anybody else. He tells his side, voices his opinion, and then accepts you whether you agree or not. Only in twenty or thirty years will we know if Bush’s presidency was a good or a bad one. But for now, I like the person Bush is.



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