I was talking to my hippie friend again tonight and he got in an argument with a deaf guy at his job. How that works I don’t know at all. I heard the deaf guy going arrrrrrrr like a pirate over and over and he was yelling at him. I asked him if he knew that the deaf guy couldn’t hear him and he says “I know dude it just makes me feel better”. Funny guy that hippie is for sure. So the other day at work these life partners came in the store looking at treadmills. When I say life partners I mean lesbians. It was one of those things where there was no question about it. They were looking for a teadmill and they asked me if it would be okay for a dog to walk on it. I said sure. Come to find out they were buying a f’n $200 dollar treadmill for their dog. I was wondering and I’m a dog person but couldn’t you just buy a six dollar leash and exercise with the dog. I guess lesbians just think different. I mean I’m a lesbian but I don’t think that weird. I’d like to thank the IHOP the crew goes to for taking away the mats with the freaky pancake lady. I wonder if anyone from there read my post it took it down so I would order something. Had some biscuits and gravy.  Watched American Idol tonight because they were doing songs that Lennon and McCartney wrote. They should all be shot. Those people suck. You had John and George rolling over in their graves and probably almost killed Paul and Ringo. Random thought about the Beatles. Thank God that Michael Jackson who owned or owns the rights to Beatles songs (he outbid Paul McCartney a while back) never tried to cover one of their songs. I’ve only heard a few good remakes of their songs. Come Together-Aerosmith, Elenor Rigby- Thrice, and the stuff from Across the Universe. Motley Crue never should have covered Helter Skelter though U2 did an excelent version. My goal is to own every Beatles album. Not the random ones with all their hits but original albums. I watched part of Gene Simmons show. He’s a total fucktard. Kiss has three good songs maybe four. Not that great. Get over yourself. West west yo.


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