Check this out.  Only in California (or Amsterdam) could this happen, and only in the GREAT “City of Angels.” I am beginning to think that if LA is a city of angels, the “End Times” are closer than we all think, no matter what doctrine we believe.  I have strayed from the subject.  I’ll come right out with it.

 Marijuana Vending Machines

What is this world coming to?  This one deserves an all caps “WTF?”

Here is the CBS report.

Enjoy.  The report, I mean. Or if you are an inhabitant of LA in “chronic pain,” enjoy the reefer, oh excuse me, cannabis.

Thank you. Good night, and good evening.


[…] LA Lakers. You f’n hippie. Why don’t you retire from coaching and go hang out at the vending machines John Daniels wrote about. I bet you weren’t even wearing shoes. I had a good time after work with your Mom. Thank her […]

Four Wrongs Make a Wrong » Blog Archive » I have to vent some tonight added these pithy words on Mar 03 08 at 3:49 pm

WTF is right. That’s ridiculous…

Tom Collins added these pithy words on Mar 02 08 at 12:13 am

Beware California. If you don’t have them all already you’re about to get a flock of hippies coming to your state. It will be like a Palooza of some sort with dirty hippies hanging around vending machines talking about “deep stuff” that nobody gets.

Captain Obvious added these pithy words on Mar 02 08 at 12:28 am

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Only in California…WTF?

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